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Lesson to my 20 year old self - The not so secret life of a padawan learner [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lesson to my 20 year old self [Jun. 29th, 2014|12:41 pm]
Went to Pat's house warming last night night. Hot pot and watching "If you are the one". I realised that I am brilliant at reading other people, what kind of partners they would go for, what kind of partners that would be [i]good[/i] for them. But I am terribly blinkered when it comes to myself.

Also Di and I came to a consensus last night, that the secret to future happiness is picking a norm core guy. Forget money, flashy cars, good looks, arresting confidence.
A. those men won't pick you
B. other women will be throwing themselves at those guys. You can trust the guy, but temptation is an uphill battle. And because he's so confidence, he might even think he could get away with it. Have his cake and eat it too. Danger, ladies. Danger.
C. If they're so Alpha and driven in their life and career, imagine what they'd be like in their personal life! They will have high standards, expectations and it will be exhausting to keep up! I'm lazy and pretty easy going. If I let the balls drop just one time, see point B.

That's why, dear reader, ignore what Disney and romance books have been telling us all of our lives. Just pick a normal (non-crazy, uber ambitious) guy, who cares for you (that's really important. No one selfish, narcissistic. Must be supportive and want the best for you), and make you laugh now and again. He just needs to be tolerable looking and can be charmless. Because reader, a man helping out with housework is the best aphrodisiac.

All that rubbish about trying to make yourself uber successful, uber beautiful, classy etc in order to attract and bag an uber Alpha man... forget it. Lean in, be ambitious, do all of these things, if you want, for yourself. Don't do it for a man. Don't do it in the hope you'll become attached to that evasive Mr Big.

Just find yourself someone dependable that you can get along with. Someone who is conscientious, positive and has grit to weather the travails in life. Then be fabulous. Leverage off each other's strengths to build a wonderful happy, stable life together. Flirt all you want with the hot shot playboys who wouldn't give you the time of the day when you were single, break their hearts, show them what they missed out by being callous douchebags, and know that you got the best prize of them all.