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Golden Slipper 2014 [Apr. 6th, 2014|12:49 am]
Another big win at the Golden Slipper, without leaving the home computer. Okay, I did step out momentarily for a stroll when the anticipation for the race 8 Golden Slipper results got a bit too stressful. I made over $250 today, so I've recovered my losses from my short-lived and ill-fated flutters at rugby and football betting.

My takeaways from today's betting experience is:
1. big races attract good quality information. Do your research. Study the form guide. What is the health condition of the horse in the leadup? Starting barrier
2. horses are more likely to perform at their actual peak capability at big important events than underperforming. Of course, it doesn't guarantee a win because another horse might decide it is their moment to shine. But they typically tend to run well.
3. Big races also attract more favourable bookie odds for places.
4. Keep calm, chill out. Once you've submitted your betting slip, forget that you've got hundreds of dollars potentially on the line. Go take a walk!

I'm celebrating by splashing on some Groupon meal vouchers.