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RIP Jimmy Waites [Feb. 12th, 2014|10:05 pm]
My favourite theatre critic, James Waites, died today. Although we'd never met, we'd exchanged a couple of emails and sms's. He was busy, juggling a couple of projects with looming deadlines. He made me promise to get in touch with him once that passed. I forgot. Today, learning his death (possibly suicide), I feel so sad and hollow.

I knew, from his blog and through a mutual friend, that he'd been sick for some time - not to mention being bashed on a train, an incident from which his body never fully recovered.

I am glad to have come across his writings. I am glad that he came and saw me on stage at Carriageworks last year, and enjoyed the performance. I am glad that I emailed him afterwards to express my giddy glee of having him in the audience, regret that I didn't get to say 'hi' to him after the show, and that I have admired his reviews for years. Writing theatre reviews, especially on a personal blog, is an arduous and mostly thankless task. James puts so much effort into his, because he loves theatre and recognises the importance that it should be recorded.

Life is short. Don't put off telling someone how much you admire them, or a chance to meet an idol. Carpe diem.