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Grossmith - Phul Nana and Hasu no Hana [Nov. 22nd, 2013|08:33 pm]

I finally ventured into the city to smell the Grossmith perfume range. I didn't even realise it was available in Australia. Nose-bleedingly expensive, over $500 for 100ml, but the stocklist (Cara and Co) was having a relocation sale, and so discounted all of their Grossmith perfumes by 50%. Almost enough to tempt me to plonk down my hard won dollars if I fell head blindingly in love with one, but only if it was a BIG LOVE. Thankfully for my bank account, it wasn't to be.

Phul Nana smells just like Bal a Versailles, albeit with more expensive quality ingredients. Phul Nana recently featured in Downton Abbey, when Edith bought a bottle for Dowager Countess Violet (Maggie Smith). Apparently, Phul Nana was the Chanel No. 5 of its day, and I can totally imagine Violet wearing it - powdery, oakmossy, fecal. Now, because I already own a bottle of Bal a Versailles (which is much much more affordable btw), I didn't need Phul Nana to fill my fragrance wardrobe.

Now, Phul Nana to Hasu no Hana is what Shalimar is to Jicky/Apre L'ondee. I'm using the Guerlain analogies because both fragrances smell Guerlainesque - even though they predate the Guerlain creations by about fifty years. Hasu no Hana has that sharp, radiant quality with a cinnamony vanilla powdery iris drydown. Phul Nana is what Lady Edith would have bought for herself.

As for Shem-el-Nessim, well, I ran out of arm testing space. The Grossmith juice, being of vintage formulation, are quite potent, so I daren't combine more than one perfume on each arm.